How To Better Your Golf Swing

How To Better Your Golf Swing

There are a couple things you need to know that are important to better your golf swing. One is your strength and two is your flexibility.  Both of these golf swing tips can be dialed in through other sources of exercise beyond the greens of your favorite golf club.

To better your golf swing  you need strength.  Golfers mainly need there strength in there arms and legs.  One example of how to gain strength for your golf games is to do some weight lifting.  Now I’m not talking about doing serious heavy weight lifting.  I’m talking about taking up LIGHT weight lifting.  This can be easily done at your own home or if your like me you will want to go to a local gym for the comradery.  So that being said let me help you know what to focus your LIGHT workout on.

Let’s start with the importance of a golfers leg strength.  Your leg muscles might not seem like they are very important to better your golf swing, but in all sincerness leg strength is vital for improving your entire golf game. Just bear with me for a minute and this will make sense to you I promise.

Stability and balance are qualities that are very important to better your golf swing and you are provided with these qualities though your legs.  First of all you must know that you DO NOT need to strain yourself when toning and strengthening leg muscles for improving your golf game (this is also true for when we get to working out your arm muscles too).  At almost any gym you go to today there are machines that pertain to exercising your legs.  When using these machines pick your weights and focus on these core area’s hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, and the front of your legs.

Like your leg exercises there are weight machines for your arms.  When using these machines for your arms you will want to focus on tricep muscles, forearm muscles, and bicep muscles.  You may also choose to use free weights as well as the standard arm machines which will help to strengthen the fore mentioned arm muscles. Word of advise: If your a beginner then you SHOULD NOT go beyond 20 lbs. for each arm.  Also doing a few sets of push ups every other day is also an excellent way to build arm and shoulder strength which in turn WILL better your golf swing.

Okay now on to swing tip number two flexibility.  Flexibility is ALSO very important for improving your golf swing.  Start a routine for yourself to take up stretching.  You can find tapes at just about any department store to start your stretching routine or you may also choose to do some light yoga which many people (like myself) find very relaxing, easy, and fun.  There are a variety of classes available for different people.  Integrating yoga into your life is a recommendation from me, you will not only feel great, but your golf swing will improve greatly.

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