Correct Golf Swing Path

correct golf swing path

Improve the hand and improve your swing

It seems that many golfers are unaware of the importance of hands to play in implementing the golf swing. Obviously, know that the golf club handshake and placing the body for the club. But what is the importance of them during the swing?

The answer has to do with release of the club. Back and do a quick review of the biomechanics of golf. During rotation, the position of the track direction, his hands are assets in a kind of passive.

Let me explain. The aim of the golf swing is to move the club in terms of inducing the proper golf swing that takes aim want. This occurs through the body in motion a series of positions. These positions are in different phases of the golf swing.

Phases of the oscillation are address, takeaway, backswing, transition, deceleration, impact and monitoring. During all these movements the body is performing, the golf club moves to a swing plane. The swing plane is the path that the golf club is traveling. proper impact with the golf ball requires the golf club to ride the swing plane correct.

For the club to travel on the correct swing plane it is necessary for the clubface to open and close. Often, in terms of openness and golf closing the club face is called "the liberation of the club." This is where hands become an integral part of the golf swing.

If you talk to any instructor, they will say that every good player, "Very good hands." This statement refers to exactly what was described above (Release the club properly.) Obviously, if you look at players like Tiger, Phil or Vijay.

I remember even walk the course at the Doral in Miami with higher education instructor-5, Rick Smith. One of the points again in terms of discussing the golf swing was "hands." He said more than once how a PGA Tour player has great hands. This simply gives additional support for the way his hands are important in terms of golf swing.

But What does that mean? Well, we know that the hands are involved in the "opening and closing" of the clubface during the swing. This movement release the right club. As I said, the hands are "active in your golf swing, but in a passive way."

Once again, for opening and closing club face in golf swing hands back during the backswing, hinge at the top of the climb, back to square the club at impact, and release the club afterwards. For this to occur on the hands must be passive!

What I mean by passive?

You can not force the hand to move in the golf swing and release the club. This creates a tension in the golf swing, affects tempo, and generally results in poor shots. Please believe me, go to the beach conduct, the adherence to a club as hard as you can and try to swing. The results will be much less optimal.

I think Dean Reinmuth, ranked by Golf Digest as a top-30 education professionals are the best when it comes to hands in the golf swing. He discusses "feel" as part of the swing courses. He said that to have a successful golf swing should be "free of tension."

"Feeling" the club movement in the swing plane is an indicator of being "tension free." And to have that feeling, your hands should be relaxed (ie passive).

How does good hands in your golf swing?

Easier said than done. To develop the "feel" in the golf swing, remove "tension" your golf swing and develop good hands, you must develop three fundamentals.

a key issue is to understand the golf swing. To find out what the body and golf club to do during the swing, you must know the biomechanics of golf swing. If not, how will you know what the body and the club will do during each phase of the oscillation Golf?

Secondly, it must develop the mechanics of the golf swing. Your body and your mind must integrate the movements of the golf swing in a repetitive motion. This occurs through education and correct practice of the mechanics of the golf swing correctly.

Finally, it is necessary to develop the body. Yes, body! Your body must have the flexibility, strength, endurance and power for the golf swing correctly. If the body is rigid, weak and powerless, how to be able to perform swing mechanics correctly?

The obvious answer is that they are not! Expand great hands in your golf swing is reduced to the development of a "basket" of the basics in your golf swing. Understand the biomechanics of golf swing, develop the appropriate mechanisms within your golf swing and develop a body of support from his swing. These are the keys to developing good hands in your golf game.

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