Golf Swing Left Elbow Pointing Down

golf swing left elbow pointing down

"Get the perfect swing in less than 33 minutes, Part 2"

The mechanics of the installation
Position yourself so that your feet are shoulder width. It's okay if you feel more comfortable with a little wider or narrower stance. You should feel comfortable. For most clubs, it is possible with a greater orientation to provide for their needs, and for clubs shorter than you might want to its position. It's too good. A position that is too large, it will be difficult to turn. A position that is too narrow will result in a loss of balance. Width position should not vary more than the width of your foot in both directions.

Please feel at ease, if your feet are approximately shoulder width. The finger of his left foot is pointing right, do not point to the left at all. If you lean the foot, prevents complete a full rotation of the shoulder.

The ball should be midway between left and right foot. For simplicity, we have to play the ball in the center position for each shot. Part of the material used may be better if you play the ball a little forward or backward position. That's good, but do not place the ball more than their "forward or backward in width in both directions. With simple golf swing process you will learn soon, the position of the ball in the middle its position must be better for every shot to start.

Once you've mastered the simple golf swing, you can experiment by moving the ball off center much as the width of a ball to who fled on foot to the short irons and provided that the width of a ball to the front foot for long irons. For now, however, place the ball in the middle of his position, as shown below!

Place the golf ball in the manner described above, then stand. The knees are not blocked, but are near freezing. His back is straight. Your chest should be out. It does not feel right to have back straight and chest protruding. It will air feel "exaggerated" but that is good. It is supposed to feel like that in the initial approval this new facility. The spine should remain straight during the swing. It is very important that your spine remains straight during installation and during the swing. The spine is the axis of your swing.

For a moment, I want you to imagine something of rotation around of an inclined axis. A tire, for example, spinning on a tilted axis … How would you describe the model of how the wheel turned? Complex? Unpredictable? Would very difficult to drive a car in a straight line on the hinge is not it? bent axes are worthless, and therefore your swing if your return is not perfectly straight. Similarly, it is difficult to "manage" a golf ball along a predictable path when the axis around which the swing is not straight. You must delete the curvature of the spine (back) if you hit the ball with precision and power. It is impossible to overstate this point.

Now, concentrate on the back straight and spine, which allows a very predictable, smooth and uniform clubhead. This will be the basis of their golf swing. His swing is all about the spine straight. It is a concept extremely important new and valuable! Fortunately, one of the easiest to implement and remember. At present, even if you were to use your old swing hit some balls, do not forget to keep your spine perfectly straight throughout the swing, to see and feel immediate results. If you do not see immediate results in practice with the spine, "as" axis of approach, you will see the results after implementing the right set-up and the simple process of oscillation golf.
Then, hold the club right before you. Extend your arms as far they can stretch the front of your body. You keep the club with the right grip in a straight line. Now, while keeping the club parallel to the ground, arms outstretched and elbows tucked, move the arms and club down if The club continues his belly button and hip. Her wrists are bent slightly to do so.

You should now be standing straight with his chest and shoulders back. Your arms should be right in front of you, shut your elbows and wrists to the waist, keeping the club parallel to the ground. Then bend the hips up Does the club hits the ground. Moving in and out of the ball depending on where the club touches the ground.

After several attempts, you will able to judge distance well enough to not have to move into position. Keep your chest and right while bending at the hips. It is impossible to overstate the importance This … You should not bend at all to reach the ball, you should be bending at the hips. This is one of the most common errors committed by amateur golfers. If you look at any professional golfer on the tour, which will always have your back straight, and always comply with the hips to reach the ball.

You'll feel as their "headquarters" is projecting backwards more than usual. It's what we want here … It will also be correct if the tip of his club is not the ground level. It must be so, especially the long irons.

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